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External Roller

Exterior Roller Shades

This type of shade is based on the operation principles of interior roller shades, but it is especially designed for exterior installation.

All parts are made of high durability materials, resistant to adverse weather conditions and continuous use with the overall aesthetics being of the highest standards to suit the demanding needs of architects and building designers.

The system’s motor and mechanism are safely protected inside a sheet aluminium box or extruded aluminium oval or square cassettes that can be painted to the desirable RAL pallette. 

The side guides of exterior roller shades can be either (a) solid aluminium rails, (b) stainless steel cables of gauge 4mm / 6mm (according to the surface area), (c) stainless steel cable of gauge 10mm (in stronger systems).

For customised shading applications like patios, horizontal or inclined windows etc. an innovative system with double cassette mechanisms that keep the fabric wrinkle-free and always in tension can be used, painted in any RAL colouration required. 


Our specialisation in installing SOMFY motors in our electrically operated shading systems, allows us to propose the optimal solution for each shading application and offer the highest standards of services (diagnosis, technical and aesthetic advice, pricing and on-site installation)

Our exterior shading systems can be electric, remote-controlled (also via smartphone) or fully automated by means of sensors and a central control platform (Somfy TaHoma / Connexoon).

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