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In our country we enjoy the sun and we rely on it, but there are times that​ ​we want to exclude it from the inside of our buildings and protect​ ​our place​ ​from its radiation.

A modern shadowing of interior space that fits in both home and professional environment is the interior shading system.

It is a timeless solution that can be in the form of blinds, hanging panels, etc., to be manually or electrically powered with vertical or horizontal elements.

The collections we have chosen for you are based on quality, elegance, modern or classic trends and will cover every aesthetic demand of your space, while protecting you and your loved ones, pets, furniture, objects, appliances as well as your fabrics.​

Collectie Verticaal Blackout Resized
Collectie Verticaal Jacquard Resized
Dilpa Roler 02
Dipla Roler 01
Panel Blinds 01
Panel Blinds 02
Panel Blinds 03
Panel Blinds 04
Panel Blinds 05
Panel Blinds 06
Plisse 01
Plisse 02
Plisse 03
Plisse 04
Roller 01
Roller 02
Roller 03
Roller 04
Roller 05
Roller 06
Roller 07
Roman Blind 01
Roman Blind 02
Roman Blind 03
Roman Blind 04
Roman Blind 05
Roman Blind 06
Roman Blind 07
Roman Blind 08
Roman Blind 09
Roman Blind 10
Skylight 01
Skylight 02
Skylight 03
Venetian Blind 01
Venetian Blind 02
Venetian Blind 03
Venetian Blind 04
Venetian Blind 05
Venetian Blind 06
Vertical Blind 01
Vertical Blind 02
Vertical Blind 03
Vertical Blind 04
Vertical Blind 05
Vertical Blind 06