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Roman Blinds

The idea of the Roman blind comes to us from the depths of History, where the Roman Empire aristocracy used heavy and luxurious fabrics as shades for their villas and palaces.

Roman blinds are among the most complex and prestigious shading devices, with the fabric forming nice, big pleats as it is being retracted upwards. 

It is a unique decoration style with a plethora of fabrics and motifs to choose from.

Roman blinds can also be made of woven wood or bamboo that bring natural and earthly tones to our interiors.

  • Skylite Roman

Roman blinds may even be applied to roofs and patios, protecting from the sun and decorating the ceiling at the same time, with its motion being horizontal or inclined along cable guides or stationary side guides. 

Controlling the roman blind can be achieved by manual crank, electrically (by remote or wall button) and fully automated via a special central unit (Somfy TaHoma / Connexoon).


Our specialisation in installing SOMFY motors in our electrically operated shading systems, allows us to propose the optimal solution for each shading application and offer the highest standards of services (diagnosis, technical and aesthetic advice, pricing and on-site installation)

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